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Comments About HOW Landscaping Services 

During the spring of 2012 we undertook an extensive landscaping makeover. The grass was worn, the shrubs were overgrown and several trees had to be repaired or replaced. It had been 28 years since we built the house and did the existing landscaping.

A simple advertisement we received in the mail encouraged us to consider some needed, immediate repairs. Some areas of the lawn were in need of repair and a few of the shrubs looked more like small trees.

With the help of HOW and Mark's professional vision, several other problems that we knew existed were included. The concrete walk to the front door of the house was broken and heaving, a drainage problem in the front of the house existed along with several other concerns.

As the scope of the project grew, we began to realize, as did HOW and Mark, that a complete makeover was in order. Yes, the project would be costly, but we knew that the changes and improvements to our property would be a look that we would be proud of and would increase the value of our home.

As the project progressed, there were brief periods of time when we wondered if things would really come together as planned. This was after all a major and costly project. HOW and Mark continually informed us as to what was next and made sure that we were pleased with the progress.

When the new shrubbery and trees arrived and were placed in their intended locations, the vision that HOW and Mark had created could be easily seen.

As the project neared completion, several of our neighbors and other people just passing by, made favorable comments as to how pleasing our “new look” was. Not only were our friends and neighbors pleased, but so are we.

One relatively small area of our yard is the small backyard that we have. The backyard is extremely small and somewhat hidden from “street view”. The area is so small that we always had problems mowing the grass. Not any more! This area has been transformed into a delightfully “warm” area with no grass to mow. Just relaxing on the deck that overlooks this area is a new experience for us. The small water fountain with its gentle sound adds to the warmth, not to mention the squirrels, birds and rabbits that seem to like the area too.

Bob & Mary Treleven
Hobart, WI 54155

I ran into Mark when he was doing a landscaping job for one of my neighbors. This neighbor is very particular about the quality of the job, so I was sure it would be done right. Mark came over and looked over my yard to see what needed to be done. I was only looking for some minor improvements to the front yard, but after consulting with Mark, I was able to do improvements throughout the areas surrounding the house. He filled in the front and back yards, brought in fill, placed anti-erosion fabric, seeded and fertilized. He replaced and extended a split rail fence along the top of the driveway and placed rocks and boulders along the edges. HOW was able to reuse some of the materials and plants that were already in my yard, saving quite a bit on material cost. HOW even repaired some of the landscaping I had done the previous year by another company.

I was impressed by the quality of the work and the attention to detail. The work area was cleaned up every day and HOW made sure to place materials where they wouldn't obstruct access to the house.

Mark followed up after the job was done to ensure the lawn was coming in and even touched up and fertilized again after the job was done and he was paid in full.

I plan on having HOW return for other jobs that are too big for me to do on my own. I can't wait for the growing season to start so I can enjoy all of the hard work they put in to it. I would be proud to have Mark schedule a visit for you to see his work for yourself.

Thomas L. Berryhill
Town of Hobart, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Mark and his HOW Landscaping team have been a pleasure to work with on major landscaping projects at our home and cabin. Starting from our rough ideas, Mark was able to present great concepts and work with us to refine the details so it fit our vision and budget. His team is hard working, courteous and professional and always took great care to make sure the work area was clean and in proper order at the end of the day. Mark takes great pride in his work and stands behind everything he does. I highly recommend HOW Landscaping for big or small projects and will use them for whatever our next project might be.

Jim Berkebile

We hired HOW Landscaping Services to landscape the front of our Office/Shop building after meeting with Mark, landscape designer. We were impressed with his knowledge and creative design for our landscape installation. The whole process took less than a week, as promised, and the crew was terrific and the end result is Beautiful!! We couldn’t be more pleased.

Kim Sheedy
McKeefry & Sons Inc.
Pulaski, Wisconsin

They turned an overgrown wild forest into a park. Very nice result
~ John Mortensen
Horticulture of Wisconsi